Industrial Augmented Reality

Using Augmented Reality, IoT Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Block Chain Distribution

Our flagship product, Varlarium ™, is improving efficiency and safety for workers on the job and providing unparalleled cost savings for companies in industrial and manufacturing settings around the globe.

Technological advances in data analysis allow for significant productivity and availability improvements. Varlarium delivers connectivity, data and solutions to plant personnel where they are and when they need it.
Wearable Augmented Reality (AR) technology enables real time preventative support through analytics using the Internet of Things (IoT) with AI.

Proactive maintenance and data analysis is no longer a time consuming and expensive process. Now all technicians can have instant field access to maintenance data, process conditions, analytic tools and much more. They can consult remote experts, generate work orders and order materials on the spot, utilizing the technology provided by Varlarium’s Platform.

Consulting Services

Varlarium provides consulting services to work closely with our customers, performing conceptual and front end engineering to customize AR solutions that work with your business, meet your budget, interface with your existing software and access your existing data.

Custom Development

Varlarium has the flexibility and capability to perform custom AR projects catering to specialized needs. We can conceptualize, design and build AR application with features customized for your business or industry.

Large Scale Deployment

Deploying AR solution on a large scale is a significant technological and organizational challenge that requires an appropriate level of coordination, collaboration, and governance to be successful. Varlarium has the right team and deploy capabilities.


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